Mary E McDermott

"Mary truly is an inspiration to people with eating disorders and has helped so many people. Her knowledge of eating disorders and dietetics to help them coulped with her kind nature are all a true asset to her and helping people beat this illness and to support the families of those who are suffering."
Beat Awards 2014
Recovery Inspiration Nomination

"I thought that I was going to be given another diet sheet and told that I had to take weight loss seriously. Instead, I spent an hour with Mary talking about my history of dieting efforts and my ever-increasing weight. When Mary said that dieting almost always leads to over-eating, it was like something clicked in my brain. Mary has helped me develop a healthier attitude to eating. I still get urges to overeat but now I can understand that it is more because of my mood, and not hunger. My weight is slowly coming down and I am not dieting. What a relief."
Pauline C
Private Client
“Mary has been a constant support to my whole family during the time she has treated our 17yr old daughter. I had no knowledge of eating disorders before my daughter was diagnosed and the learning curve has been frightening. Mary has a way of working that is firm and supportive. This illness needs this approach but her intermittent use of humour at appropriate times has kept us all feeling human. I am beginning to feel we will overcome this illness and my daughter now believes she will be able to live her life without it one day.”
Anita M
"A short note to thank you very much for coming in last evening. What you had to say and the way you said it was absolutely perfect and I know you went down extremely well amongst the parents and the staff here. I am very grateful"
Stephen Cole,
Headteacher, Woodbridge School
"When I first visited Mary it was refreshing not to be given diet sheets together with do's and dont's. We worked well together, and I now understand what caused the roller coaster ride with my weight for most of my life. I now control my weight."
Glyn Davies
Private Client
"Mary inspired me with confidence, and her belief in my ability to overcome my immeasurable tiredness following a viral attack, encouraged me to optimise my nutrition at every opportunity throughout the day. I certainly feel better able to manage life now."
Simon P
Private Client
"When I met with Mary for the first time I couldn't quite believe how much my IBS was affecting every part of my life, from how my body felt to how I was coping emotionally. Working with Mary helped me understand how to listen to my body and adjust my diet to suit me. I soon learned that the diet I thought was 'healthy' was certainly not healthy for me! Within 2 weeks that change was amazing. After years of feeling progressively worse I felt great! "
Xanthe Visram,
Public Affairs Manager
"Mary has been invaluable. Her extensive and varied knowledge of weight management has enabled me to write a successful and proven programme for children aged 12-16. She provided support, not only on a professional level but on a one to one basis with families and children, offering a diplomatic approach to a very sensitive subject. Mary had a great way to connect and encourage a child to open up to her. Many thanks."
James Colchester, Activ8 IT Plus Coordinator Ipswich Town F.C. Charitable Trust